The SwingApart is also a site-specific structure. It is used where there is not enough room to install a conventional RollApart. The building hinges on one side to provide access to the well. Since all RollAparts feature a rigid steel frame, the SwingApart closes right up when work is finished.

All of our buildings feature a welded steel frame. The frames are painted with our rust-inhibiting primer at the shop.
Standard Features
The Roll-Back is utilized where site size poses a problem. The moving portion rolls over the fixed portion providing full access on three sides. As with all RollAparts, the Roll-Back is very easy to operate and only takes a few minutes to provide access.
The Rollapart style does just that-it rolls apart. This structure consists of a fixed portion attached to a concrete slab with a moving portion that closes against the fixed portion. When closed, the complete structure appears to be one piece. Definitely our most popular style, it is also very adaptable.
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RollApart Buildings Inc.

Corrugated metal with a baked enamel finish is standard for siding and roofing, but many custom finishes are available.

All of our buildings come with a standard personnel door, but additional doors can be upgraded as needed.
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