The standard RollApart model is very simple to operate. The moving portion remains against the fixed portion when the building is closed and when someone wants to gain access, they simply disengage the locks on the inside and push the rolling section away from the fixed section. Since the moving section is supported by steel wheels with greased ball bearings riding on tracks, a minimum of effort is required to open it. An employee can open the building up just a few feet, thirty feet, or anywhere in between in just a few minutes.

All models of RollAparts have a welded steel frame so they are completely reusable. With a RollApart, there is no need to send a crew out to disassemble an entire bulding or deal with dangerous panels nor is there a need to build a new structure every time the well is serviced. This can reduce downtime tremendously as well as cut overhead costs. Employee safety is also increased since there is no requirement for cranes or backhoes to lift panels or sections away.

As you can see in the pictures, RollApart buildings look like a normal structure, but they are in fact quite unique. Different applications all have unique requirements, but the adaptability of a RollApart can accomodate nearly any circumstance.
RollApart Model
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