Siding Options
Corrugated steel siding with a baked enamel finish is standard on all models. However, if the surrounding structures demand a different style of siding, we can accomodate. Many siding options are available such as acrylic stucco, vinyl siding, T-111, faux stone or block as well as various other specialty products.
Roof Coverings
As with the siding, standard roofing is corrugated steel with a baked enamel finish. we also offer several configurations of standing seam roofing as well as faux spanish tile roofing (also metal). Dozens of color shades and trim packages are available.
Not all applications require insulation, but we do recommend adding insulation. Insulation does not just stabilize temperature fluctuations, it also helps to greatly reduce noise pollution outside the structure. Several different types of insulation can be installed including vinyl-faced fiberglass and rigid foam.
Each building comes standard with one 3'0" by 7'0" personnel door. If more doors or special doors are required, they can be added. Curtain doors can also be added where required. In some instances, curtain doors are installed in the endwall allowing the entire building to roll away from the well head.
RollApart Buildings Inc.
Architectural and Design Options
Custom Options
The only limit to custom architecture is the imagination. With this in mind, we can design a building for nearly any application. Whether a structure needs to match a certain surrounding or if it needs to match an architectural style, we can help. If there is a small site or there are discharge pipes in the way, we can generally work around them.
All structural steel comes from our shop primed with a rust inhibiting paint or, in some instances, galvanized. If a special paint is required, we can work together to ensure satisfaction. Corrugated steel siding and roofing as well as trim comes with a baked enamel finish and is available in a wide range of standard colors.