RollApart Buildings Inc.
The Roll-Back model is designed specifically for sites where cramped conditions would not allow a standard RollApart enough room. A standard RollApart rolls away from it's fixed portion on tracks fixed to a concrete footing while the Roll-Back moves on top of the fixed portion. This allows complete access to three sides of the well, as you can see in the photos on the left.

RollApart's ease of operation is not lost by moving back instead of forward. An employee would simply roll up the coiling door, release the locks inside the building and push the moving portion over the top of the fixed portion. As with a standard RollApart, only a few minutes are required to access the well which eliminates the need for extra heavy equipment and advance crews.

The Roll-Back model also offers a wide variety of aesthetic versatility. Shape, size, roofing and siding can all be customized to match many residential and industrial surroundings. In addition to visual appeal, size can be adjusted to allow most, if not all, peripheral equipment to be housed in the building as well. Electric panels, chlorinating equipment, telemetry equipment and many others can all be installed directly in the RollApart, Roll-Back, or SwingApart.
Roll-Back model
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